OPINION: Short-Sighted Mudslinging Leaves Our Democracy on Life Support

On the eve of Donald Trump’s inauguration as the 45th president of the United States, I am hopeful and pray leaders of all stripes, but especially Mr. Trump, conduct themselves in a manner that helps repair the serious divides, damage and brokenness in our body politic.

I also hope they look at the long-term interests of our democracy, and not the short-term advantages of political wins.

Athletes through the ages have looked for advantages and done things to help them put themselves in the best possible position of winning a competition. They have come up with training regimens, diet and mental resources to give them an upper hand. But in the last few decades, some athletes have drifted into the use of steroids to gain that advantage.

This use of steroids gave certain athletes an edge in the short term, making them faster, or stronger, or more aggressive and thus causing them to set records or win games under normal circumstances they would not be able to. But this short-term…


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