NYS bill tracker: Senate panel to consider bill targeting campaign contributions

ALBANY — Legislative committees are scheduled to consider 405 bills this week.

The Senate’s elections committee will considering a bill from Sen. Terrence Murphy responding to allegations that New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s fundraising on behalf of Senate Democrats in 2014 was illegal. The legislation would increase the penalty for circumventing campaign contribution limits by raising money through a county committee, making such an activity a Class D felony.

The same committee will consider several bills on which Democrats have forced votes, including one form Sen. Dan Squadron to limit the amount of money limited liability companies can give. Squadron forced a vote on the same bill last year. It passed, but never received a vote in the Senate’s corporations committee.

The Assembly’s environmental conservation committee is taking up a bill that would require companies shipping crude oil by rail to report information such as the route and schedule trains will be taking.

Here’s a full list of the bills up for committee vote:


Agriculture (MAGEE): 9 a.m. Tuesday

A1231A: Jaffee (MS) — Relates to the misbranding of certain fish species

A1373: Crouch (MS) — Requires dairy transporters to have approval from the department in order to charge a dairy hauling surcharge to farmers

A1445: Tedisco (MS) — Increases certain penalties for violating the prohibition of animal fighting and for aggravated cruelty to animals

A1600: Tedisco (MS) — Prohibits a person convicted of violating “Buster’s Law” from owning or possessing a companion animal

A1673: Tedisco (MS) — Imposes additional penalties upon persons convicted of animal abuse

A1738: Tedisco — Enacts “Charlamagne’s law” to make the failure to provide food, water or appropriate shelter to a companion animal left outside a felony

A2353: Tedisco (MS) — Limits ownership or possession of companion animals by “Buster’s Law” violators

A2652: Katz (MS) — Relates to requiring animal dealers to disclose information about disposition of unwanted animals kept as pets

A2758: Hawley (MS) — Requires additional 10% funding of agricultural environmental programs implemented in watersheds deemed critical to recreational fishing

A2860: Crouch (MS) — Creates the concentrated animal feeding operation environmental compliance revolving loan program

A3355: DiPietro (MS) — Creates the animal abuser central registry, and to require that certain convicted animal abusers register with such registry

A3689: Lalor — Relates to a shared animal ownership agreement

A3906: Katz (MS) — Relates to requiring animal shelters to prepare annual reports on the number of animal intakes and dispositions and the types of animals

A532: Kolb — Allows any family member working on a family farm to build a home on such land

A7461A: Kim (MS) — Relates to labeling requirements for fish wholesalers

A9310A: Lupardo — Authorizes the sale, distribution, transportation and processing of industrial hemp

A944: Rosenthal — Criminalizes knowingly causing a minor to attend a place where exhibition of animal fighting is being conducted

A9940: Magee — Relates to misuse of supplemental nutrition assistance program benefits; repealer

Children and Families (LUPARDO): 10:30 a.m. Tuesday

A3605: Tedisco (MS) — Requires employers and volunteer organizations to conduct a criminal history check of child care employees and volunteers

A3660: Tenney (MS) — Relates to creating additional safeguards to protect the welfare of children enrolled in day care programs in New York state

A5497: Nojay (MS) — Requires child protective service or other child protective agency to report findings within fourteen days where ordered or requested by court to investigate

A7540: Tedisco (MS) — Relates to mandatory reporting of suspected child abuse or maltreatment

A9759: Buchwald — Relates to contact by siblings in child protective, permanency and termination of parental rights proceedings

A9770: Harris — Relates to requiring the video recording of custodial interrogations of juveniles in juvenile delinquency proceedings in family court

A9902: Lupardo — Codifies the early childhood advisory council

Consumer Affairs and Protection (DINOWITZ): 1:30 p.m. Tuesday

A108C: Dinowitz — Relates to arbitration organizations

A2361: Crouch (MS) — Provides that only products containing one hundred percent milk may use the term “milk” on labels and advertisements

A2382: Crouch (MS) — Authorizes a pharmacist to substitute a brand name prescription drug for the generic equivalent of such drug if requested to do so by the patient

A3145: Crouch (MS) — Provides for the establishment of automotive glass replacement standards that are consistent with the federal motor vehicle safety standard requirements

A402A: Dinowitz (MS) — Relates to communications by mercantile establishments attempting to settle civil actions deriving from larceny prosecutions

A4785: Butler — Relates to certain labelling requirements when substitute drug products are dispensed

A4872: Walter — Prohibits the sale of gift certificates that diminish in value due to dormancy; and prohibits surcharges and fees on gift certificates

A5543: Barclay (MS) — Requires food service establishments to post notice relating to the use of peanut oil

A581: Gantt — Prohibits motor vehicle rental agencies from discriminating against a person because any of the authorized operators do not have a credit card

A5871: Kavanagh (MS) — Creates a temporary state commission on personal privacy and provides for its powers, functions and duties

A9457: Mayer — Relates to the transmission of caller identification information to consumers

A9544: Dinowitz — Relates to requiring mandatory arbitration clauses in certain consumer contracts to be printed in large font type

A9545: Dinowitz — Relates to requiring mandatory arbitration clauses in certain consumer contracts to be disclosed to the consumer

Corporations, Authorities and Commissions (BRENNAN): 11:30 a.m. Tuesday

A2935: Bronson — Requires public notice and hearing prior to any planned substantial change in service

A3068: Weprin (MS) — Relates to appointments to the water board of the city of New York

A3944: Ceretto (MS) — Relates to exempting religious organizations from the temporary state energy and utility service conservation assessment fee

A4473: Raia (MS) — Requires tolls and revenues from bridges and tunnels in NY and NJ to be used for the construction, maintenance and operation of said bridges and tunnels

A466: Gantt (MS) — Relates to the composition of the Rochester-Genesee transportation authority

A4898: Walter — Provides veto power to the governor over acts of the power authority of the state of New York

A5297A: Stec (MS) — Establishes the Corinth and Warren railroad authority to improve and operate a 56 mile section of railroad

A5719: Brabenec — Relates to the election by certain counties to withdraw from the metropolitan commuter transportation district, and permits the counties of Orange and Rockland to make such election

A5781: Kavanagh (MS) — Authorizes shareholders to attend meetings via remote communication and to be deemed present for voting purposes

A5874: Finch (MS) — Gives phone customers the ability to block the reception of messages they may find obscene

A8123A: Brennan — Relates to service quality standards, credits, reports and penalties

A8685: Miller — Relates to requiring the metropolitan transportation authority to establish and implement a way for a person to refill the balance on metrocards and authority bus passes online

A9768A: Brennan — Relates to the membership of the public service commission and to clarifying the mandatory time frame within which the public service commission must act upon certain petitions

Correction (O’DONNELL): 1:30 p.m. Tuesday

A1346B: O’Donnell — Relates to segregated confinement

A4620: Rozic — Relates to personal phone calls for inmates in certain circumstances

A9805A: Richardson — Relates to certificates upon discharge

A9939: O’Donnell — Creates the office of the correctional ombudsman

A9960: O’Donnell — Relates to the use of risk and needs principles in parole decisions

Economic Development (SCHIMMINGER): 10 a.m. Tuesday

A2238: Crouch (MS) — Increases fine imposed for unlawful possession of an alcoholic beverage

A2662: Peoples-Stokes — Relates to sharing gross revenues at stadiums, arenas or other places of entertainment

A4067: Glick (MS) — Requires the state liquor authority to make available on its automated public license query website and database information pertaining to any conditions it imposes

A4074: Kolb (MS) — Enacts the BizBoom program act which provides a tax exempt benefit to new businesses relocating to or starting up a new business in New York

A4783: Butler (MS) — Relates to applications under the economic transformation and facility redevelopment program

A4794: Butler — Provides for the submission of a skills development plan with each application for participation in an empire zone

A5224: Blankenbush (MS) — Provides an exception to revocation of licenses where a licensee or permittee cooperates in any action taken against an agent or employee

A5331: Thiele (MS) — Prohibits a producer, refiner or distributor from selling, transferring, or assigning interest in a retail outlet leased to a motor fuel dealer

A5424: Kolb (MS) — Relates to the definition of a business startup and funds reserved for business startups

A5452: Kolb — Exempts licensed wineries from requirement to obtain a temporary sales permit

A7478: Goodell — Directs the state liquor authority to issue a farm winery license to the Concord Grape Belt Heritage Association Inc. Grape Discovery Center in the town of Westfield, county of Chautauqua

A9323: Ryan — Relates to the issuance of a retail license for on-premises consumption for certain premises in the county of Erie

A9359: Lentol — Requires the state liquor authority to determine the safety of a venue prior to approving certain permits

Education (NOLAN): 10 a.m. Wednesday

A10022: Otis — Extends provisions of chapter 618 of the laws of 1998 relating to the disposal of surplus computer equipment by political subdivisions

A10023: Nolan — Relates to directing the commissioner of education to establish rules and regulations for a sepsis awareness and prevention program for schools

A1372: Crouch (MS) — Authorizes boards of education to contract with any city, town or village where school buildings are located for increased police protection on school grounds

A1407B: Paulin (MS) — Relates to vacancies on boards of cooperative educational services

A2270: Crouch (MS) — Directs the commissioner of education to apportion monies for students with disabilities, and for such funds to follow students from one school district to another

A2769: Kolb (MS) — Makes the commissioner of education an office appointed by the governor

A3223: Barclay (MS) — Changes the mandatory date for kindergarten enrollment

A3296: Fitzpatrick (MS) — Requires the electronic and print publication of certain school district reports; defines “local officer or employee” to include school officials

A3814: Tenney (MS) — Relates to wealth ratio adjustments for certain school districts containing non-profits exempt from real property taxes

A3954: Fitzpatrick (MS) — Mandates a code of ethics to be applied to school district employees in the prohibition of the use of school resources for personal gain

A4462: Raia (MS) — Relates to school district bonds and notification to taxpayers

A4515: Raia (MS) — Requires the governing body of each school district which eliminates teaching positions and costs to decrease a proportional amount in administrative costs

A4525: Raia (MS) — Proposes an amendment to the constitution to allow school districts to give or loan money or property to or in aid of an individual or private corporation

A5088: Goodell — Authorizes two or more school districts in certain counties to enter into a contract to establish and operate a regional high school

A5090: Goodell — Creates the school board empowerment act

A5558: Oaks (MS) — Requires schools to allow fire departments to make a recruitment presentation in a high school

A8163: Gunther — Authorizes union free and central school district boards of education to establish wards for the purpose of school board elections

A9516: Magnarelli — Regulates the interest rate on obligations issued to finance the school rehabilitation and reconstruction within the city school district of the city of Syracuse

Election Law (CUSICK): 9:30 a.m. Wednesday

A295: Abinanti (MS) — Relates to an electronically submitted absentee ballot application

A5236: Cusick — Removes the requirement of publishing a candidate’s residence prior to an election

A5534A: Galef (MS) — Provides for the inclusion, at a voter’s option, of an e-mail address in the voter registration application and record for notices to be sent thus and by U.S.P.S.

A5598A: Kavanagh (MS) — Provides that the board of elections shall transfer a registration and enrollment of a voter to wherever they move in the state, even if it’s a new county

A9126: Cusick — Relates to primary election vacancies in elective offices and judicial proceedings for designating or nominating petitions

A9919: Cusick — Provides for the issuance of special ballots to emergency responders who respond to emergencies declared by the governor or a court of competent jurisdiction

Environmental Conservation (ENGLEBRIGHT): Noon, Tuesday

A101: Dinowitz (MS) — Requires the commissioner of environmental conservation to establish standards for inspection and certification of green roofs and provides for a green roof installation credit

A1027: Gunther (MS) — Directs the commissioners of health and environmental conservation to study and develop a long term strategy to encourage outdoor environmental education and recreation

A1657: Zebrowski (MS) — Decreases the amount of alcohol in a person’s system necessary to be considered to be intoxicated while hunting

A2379: Crouch (MS) — Requires the department of environmental conservation to promulgate rules and regulations relating to gas flow meters at natural gas well sites

A2446: Graf (MS) — Requires ten percent of oil and gas produced using hydraulic fracturing to be contributed to a state reserve

A2560: Katz (MS) — Amends the environmental conservation law relating to permits for discharges

A2746: Crouch — Authorizes counties to lease county land for natural gas exploration, development and production for 5 years or as long as gas is produced

A2772: Crouch — Relates to bids for oil and gas production leases on state lands

A3085: Cook (MS) — Relates to the suspension of hunting and fishing licenses pursuant to the interstate wildlife violator compact

A3304B: Peoples-Stokes — Establishes a paint stewardship program

A3742A: DiPietro — Regulates taking of moose in the same manner as deer hunting and trapping are currently regulated

A3937A: DiPietro (MS) — Eliminates the requirement that hunters wear back tags during hunting season in the state

A4874: Finch (MS) — Enacts the senior environmental corps act

A4905: O’Donnell (MS) — Prohibits the use of flowback water from wells, pools or fields on any highway

A5112: Goodell — Relates to the protection of water supplies

A5118: Goodell — Relates to rights and obligations of a municipality electing integrated non-participating owner status in gas and oil wells

A6859: Englebright — Relates to the uniform treatment of waste from the exploration, development, extraction, or production of crude oil or natural gas

A7536: Cook (MS) — Provides for the provision to consumers of information concerning household hazardous products at the point of retail sale by labels and pamphlets

A7884: Englebright — Requires the department of environmental conservation review laws and policies pertaining to free or reduced cost hunting and fishing licenses

A7986: Fahy (MS) — Relates to providing notice of crude oil shipments to major facilities

A9230A: Schimel — Enacts the triclosan awareness act

A9256: Hawley (MS) — Waives certain fishing and hunting fees for members of the United States armed forces in active service stationed within the state

A9494: Stec — Increases the fees imposed by the Lake George park commission for docks, wharfs, moorings and boats

A9509: Barrett — Relates to adding the Roeliff Jansen Kill to the definition of inland waterways

A9669: Katz — Designates Charles lake, Lost lake (Putnam county), Putnam lake and Tonetta lake as inland waterways for purposes of waterfront revitalization

A9881: Englebright (MS) — Provides for the designation of geologically significant areas, territories and sites throughout the state, and for the establishment of a state geological trail

A9921: Englebright (MS) — Relates to establishing a product stewardship program for primary batteries

Governmental Employees (ABBATE): 1 p.m. Tuesday

A5303: Abbate — Requires various public transit authorities and their employees to submit all unresolvable contract negotiations to binding arbitration

A5329B: Abbate — Relates to disability retirement benefits for sheriffs, deputy sheriffs, undersheriffs and correction officers in Nassau County

A639: Abinanti (MS) — Relates to changes in health insurance contracts or plans for retired officers, employees, and their families

A7146A: Abbate (MS) — Relates to accidental disability retirement

A806: Rosenthal (MS) — Relates to directing the granting of excused leave to public officers and employees of this state to undertake screening for cervical cancer

A9607: Brindisi — Increasies the survivor’s benefit of a retired state employee

A9702: Abbate — Authorizes participating employers in the New York state and local police and fire retirement system offering 20 year retirement plans to offer such plans on a non-contributory basis

A9715: Abbate — Relates to health insurance buyout programs

A9851: Abbate — Relates to mandatory retirement age

Governmental Operations (PEOPLES-STOKES): 11 a.m. Tuesday

A2335: Crouch (MS) — Establishes a fire protection and emergency task force in rural areas

A2377: Tedisco — Eliminates residency requirement for the chief animal law enforcement officer of a county and authorizes animal societies and pounds to spay, neuter and release cats

A2655: Katz (MS) — Authorizes the New York state foundation for science, technology and innovation to establish a high-tech employment and training program

A2707: Katz (MS) — Relates to implementing stricter penalties for unlawful wage discrimination and creating the crime of unlawful wage discrimination

A3094: McKevitt (MS) — Provides a preference for New York state contractors for purposes of public works contracts

A3146: Crouch (MS) — Clarifies that guide dogs, hearing dogs, and service dogs are allowed in public places during their training and socialization process

A3452: Tedisco (MS) — Requires the prior approval of the appropriate legislative committees required of agency rules and regulations

A3830: DiPietro — Relates to rules and regulations of the state; requires recommendations on repealing unnecessary or otherwise burdensome rules and regulations

A3856: Gottfried (MS) — Relates to adoption of rules and regulations by state and local government entities prior to the effective date of legislative acts

A3938: DiPietro — Establishes a task force for the review of the state administrative procedure act

A4117: Kolb (MS) — Creates the division of regulatory review and economic growth

A5101: Blankenbush (MS) — Relates to prompt payments to counties by the state

A5238: Kolb — Statewide disparity study regarding the participation of minority and women-owned business enterprises in state contracts

A5340: Tedisco (MS) — Enacts the “legislative online digital paperwork reduction act”

A7512: Peoples-Stokes — Establishes the ethical standards for state agency contractors act

A8552B: Murray — Relates to prohibiting sanctuary for illegal immigrants

A9612: Zebrowski (MS) — Relates to online posting of full text of rules, statements and analyses

A9614A: Lupardo — Relates to standards for inspections of parking structures

Health (GOTTFRIED): 1 p.m. Tuesday

A1023: Gunther (MS) — Relates to orders not to resuscitate; repealer

A1982: Weprin (MS) — Prohibits smoking in private passenger cars, vans or trucks where minors less than 14 years of age are passengers in such vehicles; penalties for violation

A2720: Katz (MS) — Authorizes the state to acquire from the federal government the Montrose VA

A2775: Pretlow (MS) — Relates to disputes between a surrogate and a hospital or individual health care provider

A3100: McDonald — Relates to the display of tobacco products in pharmacies

A3185: Fitzpatrick (MS) — Defines incidental exposure with respect to contracting HIV infection

A3195: Fitzpatrick (MS) — Requires notice to emergency personnel of exposure to HIV infected persons

A3717: DiPietro (MS) — Ensures that women seeking an abortion receive an ultrasound and the opportunity to review the ultrasound before giving informed consent to receive an abortion

A3725: DiPietro — Establishes the requirement of testing for a fetal heartbeat prior to the performance of an abortion, establishing standards for informed consent

A4072: Kolb (MS) — Allows counties to opt out of providing certain optional Medicaid benefits to prospective beneficiaries

A4327: Sepulveda (MS) — Requires the commissioner of the department of health to implement a drinking water information program and to participate in the federal drinking water watch program

A5062A: Gottfried (MS) — Provides for establishment of the New York Health plan

A5453: Barclay (MS) — Relates to synthetic cannabinoid

A6473: Murray — Sets forth notification requirements on abortions performed on minors

A6954: Paulin (MS) — Provides for dispensing emergency contraception under certain conditions

A7119: Lawrence — Sets forth notification requirements on abortions performed on minors

A7137: Sepulveda — Authorizes a study on the high incidence of asthma in the borough of the Bronx in the city of New York and to prepare a remedial plan

A8594: Ortiz — Extends, for an additional 4 years, the provisions of Lauren’s law, providing for the election to or declining to elect to register in the donate life registry for organ and tissue donation

A9078: Mayer — Requires any chain pharmacy with twenty or more locations to register with the department of health as an opioid overdose prevention program

A9188A: Gunther — Requires each hospital patient bill of rights and responsibilities to include a statement of the availability of a list of standard charges, participating health plans, to identify a caregiver

A9297: Walter — Relates to toxicology testing of newborns

A9495A: Dinowitz (MS) — Prohibits smoking within 100 feet of the entrances or exits of any public or private library

A9883: Gunther — Relates to disposal sites operated by pharmacies

A9937A: Rosenthal — Prohibits managed care providers, under the medical assistance program, from requiring prior authorization for the dipensing of buprenorphine for treatment of opioid addiction

Higher Education (GLICK): 11:30 a.m. Tuesday

A2496: Tedisco (MS) — Establishes a baccalaureate and associate nursing assistance program

A3568: Tenney — Relates to powers and duties of trustees; in state tuition for active and retired military members

A3625: Lalor — Authorizes counties, municipalities and school districts to withdraw sponsorship of a community college

A3779: Lalor (MS) — Relates to the financing of community colleges

A3882: Fitzpatrick — Requires that no scholarship, grant or award offered by a state university of New York college shall require the student to reside on campus

A4394A: Ortiz — Relates to licensing by military spouses

A4395: Palmesano (MS) — Relates to the physician loan repayment program and medical malpractice rate relief program in designated physician shortage areas

A4422: McKevitt (MS) — Relates to professional education in the area of elderly abuse

A4903: Walter — Mandates that more than one manager administer the college choice savings program

A5809A: Lupinacci — Relates to tuition assistance program awards

A7249: Oaks — Relates to creating the college savings incentive program

A9371: Gunther — Relates to educational requirements for occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants

A9422: Glick — Extends provisions of law relating to certified school psychologists and special education services and programs for preschool children with handicapping conditions

A9818: Glick — Relates to the tuition, aid and placement report for all non-public institutions of higher education

A9832: Cahill — Enacts the “Equal Employment Opportunities for All Act”

Insurance (CAHILL): 2 p.m. Tuesday

A1340: Dinowitz (MS) — Restricts insurers from demanding intrusive personal, financial and tax information from insureds as a standard practice in ordinary theft claims

A1366: Crouch (MS) — Relates to the coverage of hospice services and palliative care for HEALTHY NY insurance policies

A1371: Crouch (MS) — Provides that a student shall be eligible for up to eighteen months of coverage if such person is on medical leave from his or her school

A1463: Crouch (MS) — Relates to reimbursement by insurers for ambulatory services

A1598: Montesano (MS) — Relates to rate filings for homeowner’s insurance policies

A2073: Crouch (MS) — Creates a health benefit and cost commission to conduct a comprehensive review of all current mandated benefits and an accurate cost analysis of proposed benefits

A2085: Cahill — Relates to public auto insurance claims

A2363: Crouch — Relates to mandatory health insurance coverage for certified registered nurse anesthetists providing anesthesia services

A3121: Morelle (MS) — Relates to limits on certain supplementary insurance

A3159: Crouch — Relates to criminal background checks for navigators

A328B: Weinstein (MS) — Requires all motor vehicle insurers to file annual detailed financial and claim data statements with the superintendent of financial services

A4036A: Quart — Provides for the insurance coverage of the synchronization of multiple prescriptions and dispensing fee standardization

A454A: Cymbrowitz — Relates to the effectiveness of flexible rating for nonbusiness automobile insurance plans

A5428: Barclay (MS) — Enacts the New York automobile insurance fraud and premium reduction act; appropriation

A5555: Barclay (MS) — Authorizes primary care physicians to establish, offer and operate health care retainer programs which provide primary health care services for a flat fee

A6684: Englebright (MS) — Prohibits insurers, providing collision or comprehensive coverage of motor vehicles, from requiring repair shops to use specific vendors or processes for vehicle repair parts and materials

A7707: Peoples-Stokes — Relates to prescription drug formulary changes during a contract year

A7738: Magnarelli — Requires insurers to provide and retain a signed notice to claimants in relation to insured’s right to have a vehicle repaired in the shop of his/her choice

Judiciary (WEINSTEIN): 10 a.m. Tuesday

A2512: Englebright (MS) — Prohibits the imposition of certain fees at the expiration of a term on a motor vehicle lease which constitutes administrative, clerical or handling charges

A2867: Zebrowski (MS) — Establishes minimum educational requirements of certain town and village justices

A3857: Gottfried (MS) — Makes warrant execution, not issuance, following judgment for petitioner in summary proceeding to recover possession of real property act which annuls relationship

A3859: Gottfried (MS) — Makes provisions regarding small claims jurisdiction where claimant is a tenant or lessee of real property owned by defendant that is situated within certain limits

A3874B: Brennan (MS) — Authorizes ballot by mail by removing cause for absentee ballot voting

A4842: Kearns — Requires plaintiffs in mortgage foreclosure actions to provide contact information

A5961: Kavanagh (MS) — Provides for children under the age of eighteen to wear protective headgear while skiing or snowboarding

A7307: Lupardo (MS) — Proscribes indemnity agreements in motor carrier transportation contracts

A9474: Weinstein — Requires applicants for licenses as real estate brokers and real estate salesmen and for renewals thereof to complete instruction in the law of agency

A9568A: McDonald (MS) — Relates to the tolling of the statute of limitations relating to personal injury caused by contact with superfund site substances

A9645: Buchwald — Waives the state fee for marriage licenses for active duty members of the armed forces and authorizes towns and cities to elect to waive their fees for marriage licenses and certificates

A9879: Buchwald — Relates to the commissions of donees of a power in trust, including donees of a power during minority

A9910: Weinstein (MS) — Relates to the administration of digital assets

A9930: Weinstein — Provides that adjustments made by a trustee, under the prudent investor act, shall be deemed to be re-characterizations for the purposes of the payment of commissions

Labor (TITUS): 12:30 p.m. Tuesday

A1374: Crouch (MS) — Relates to unemployment benefits for part-time workers; repealer

A1916: Crouch (MS) — Establishes an authorized absence from work for certain emergency services volunteers

A1987: Crouch (MS) — Requires the department of labor to notify all employers of certain requirements for hiring persons receiving unemployment benefits

A2116: Zebrowski (MS) — Permits an authorized physician to direct that physical therapy care may be rendered by a duly licensed physical therapist assistant

A2380: Crouch (MS) — Relates to a program for flood damage to businesses; provides a tax credit for businesses that purchase flood insurance

A2784: Katz (MS) — Requires employers to register for E-verify program for verification of employment eligibility; establishes a tax credit for employers with less than fifty employees

A3254: Hawley (MS) — Relates to the determination of employer contribution rates to the unemployment insurance fund

A3263: Hawley — Ends the ability of a striking worker to collect unemployment benefits

A5220: Cusick (MS) — Relates to work hours for lifeguards

A5561: Titus — Relates to establishing statutory guidelines for return to work by partially disabled workers

A5754A: Benedetto — Provides protection to employees and former employees from retaliatory actions by employers for the reporting of illegal business activities

Local Governments (MAGNARELLI): 1 p.m. Tuesday

A2370B: Barrett (MS) — Authorizes the county of Dutchess to regulate the registration and licensing of taxicabs, limousines, and livery vehicles

A8294B: Graf — Relates to authorizing the town of Islip, in the county of Suffolk, to lease parklands to the Suffolk county police athletic league

A9358A: Schimminger (MS) — Relates to the sale of municipal obligations by the county of Erie

A9407: Butler — Relates to extending the existence of the Hamilton county industrial development agency until July 21, 2026

A9490: Magnarelli — Relates to certain recording taxes

Racing and Wagering (PRETLOW): 9:30 a.m. Wednesday

A1464: Crouch — Relates to the frequency of games of bingo

A3613: Tenney (MS) — Amends the distances allowable between harness horse racetracks

A3679: Tenney — Relates to easing certain restrictions on the management and operation of games of chance for charitable purposes

A4716: Raia (MS) — Allows charitable organizations to accept credit cards as a form of payment for games of chance

A9994: Pretlow — Requires a New York state legend on all bell jar tickets sold in New York state

Real Property Taxation (GALEF): 10 a.m. Tuesday

A3021: Fahy (MS) — Authorizes payment of additional state aid for certain state-leased or state-owned lands

A3295: Fitzpatrick (MS) — Authorizes localities to convey distressed residential real property that has been foreclosed upon for non-payment of real estate taxes to a third party

A3421: Weprin (MS) — Repeals provisions of law granting real property tax exemption to certain entities

A4029: Ceretto (MS) — Relates to the time period which an application for refund can be made when the refund is based on a clerical error or unlawful entry

A4255: McKevitt (MS) — Relates to an exemption for real property owned by an incorporated volunteer fire company or fire department

A4805: Butler — Relates to a real property tax exemption for property owned by a limited liability company

A5087: Goodell — Requires grounds for increasing assessment

A5488: Nojay (MS) — Provides that if an assessment is challenged and ultimately reduced, the petitioner is entitled to interest on the refunded amount

A5633A: Magnarelli (MS) — Authorizes municipalities to treat unpaid fines for building code and fire code violations as unpaid real property taxes

A9134A: Ramos — Authorizes the House Of Judah Inc. to file an application for exemption from real property taxes for a certain parcel of land located in the town of Islip

A9138: Ramos — Authorizes the New Hope International Ministries, Inc. to file an application for exemption from real property taxes for a certain parcel of land located in the town of Islip

A9352A: Garbarino — Authorizes Lucky Guys of Long Island Inc. to file an application for retroactive tax exempt status

A9845A: Lupardo — Authorizes the city of Binghamton to classify certain cooperative apartments as homestead properties

A9943: Galef — Repeals part A of chapter 60 of the laws of 2016, which provides for the transition of the school tax relief property tax exemption to a personal income tax credit


Standing Committee on Agriculture: 9 a.m. Tuesday

S1793: RITCHIE — Relates to the beginning farmer revolving loan fund program

S2075A: YOUNG — Establishes real property tax abatement for the value of land used for replanting or crop expansion of woody biomass used for the production of ethanol or biodiesel

S2935: BOYLE — Requires each violator of “Buster’s Law” to register his or her name and address with the division of criminal justice services

S4375: LAVALLE — Increases certain penalties for aggravated cruelty to animals

S4641: RITCHIE — Relates to aggravated cruelty to animals in the presence of a child

S519A: RITCHIE — Creates a “Grown in New York” program campaign to increase awareness and consumption of locally grown and produced foods and related products

S5636A: VALESKY — Relates to creating a small farm modernization fund program and a small farm modernization fund

S5727: LANZA — Provides for the filing and determination of a petition for the posting of security by the owner or person having custody of an animal seized as the result of a crime against the animal

S6264: FUNKE — Relates to exempting dog license fees for deployed active military member’s dogs

S6435: RIVERA — Requires sugar-sweetened beverages to be labeled with a safety warning

S6634: MURPHY — Provides for more frequent inspections of pet dealers which have been charged with or convicted of violations relating to cats and dogs

S6805: RITCHIE — Establishes and implements the NY pride/NY certified program for agricultural products produced in the state meeting certain quality requirements

S6986: RITCHIE — Relates to providing state funding for the fees and costs associated with providing electronic benefit transfer technology at farmers’ markets

S7008: RITCHIE — Relates to authorizing the use of electronic benefit transfer technology at community supported agriculture markets

S7011A: RITCHIE — Relates to access to viable agricultural land for new and beginning farmers

S7164: SERINO — Relates to allowing agriculture district to be converted to solar use without penalty

S7316: AVELLA — Relates to penalties for the failure to provide appropriate shelter to a dog left outdoors

S7345: MARTINS — Relates to licensing of establishments where animals or fowls are slaughtered; extender

S79: GALLIVAN — Prohibits persons who have been convicted of animal cruelty from working at an animal shelter

Standing Committee on Banks: 10:30 a.m. Wednesday

S4304: GRIFFO — Authorizes state chartered banking institutions to invest their assets to the extent authorized in the rules and regulations of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

S575A: SQUADRON — Requires a study and report on banking products and services offered in low income communities

S6243: HAMILTON — Relates to reporting of financial exploitation; and establishes a financial exploitation, outreach, education and training program and fund

S7062: SANDERS — Establishes the state financial literacy commission

S7183: SAVINO — Relates to defining consummation of a mortgage loan

S7184: SAVINO — Extends provisions relating to participation in the banking development districts program to January l, 2023

S7434: KLEIN — Directs the department of financial services to establish an electronic database of residential real property that was foreclosed upon

Standing Committee on Children and Families: 10 a.m. Tuesday

S1994A: GOLDEN — Provides a mandatory jail sentence for violations of family and non-family orders of protection and global positioning system monitoring for certain defendants

S3226: GOLDEN — Requires the provision of 5 days of paid leave and counseling to child protective services employees investigating child abuse or maltreatment when the child dies from such abuse or maltreatment

S432A: GALLIVAN — Requires safer window coverings in child day care centers, public institutions for children and certain other facilities

S4844: AMEDORE — Relates to expanding orders of protection to cover child protective services workers

S5184A: SAVINO — Provides that parents and caretakers who are otherwise eligible for a child care subsidy shall receive a subsidy when care is necessary to enable them to sleep

S7007: RITCHIE — Relates to the creation of the child care regulatory review task force

S7089: SAVINO — Relates to court ordered forensic evaluations and reports in child custody and visitation proceedings

S7283: LARKIN — Requires employees of contractors providing transportation to school districts to report child abuse in an educational setting

S7404: AVELLA — Requires a study to evaluate the costs associated with the provision of child day care services

S7426: AVELLA — Implements a cost estimation model for child care

S7427: AVELLA — Codifies the early childhood advisory council

Standing Committee on Civil Service and Pensions: 1:30 p.m. Monday

S4702A: SAVINO — Relates to members of the twenty-year/age fifty retirement program for Triborough bridge and tunnel members

S4746: FUNKE — Requires various public transit authorities and their employees to submit all unresolvable contract negotiations to binding arbitration

S6309: GALLIVAN — Authorizes the county of Livingston to offer an optional twenty-five year retirement plan to certain deputy sheriffs

S6331: AMEDORE — Authorizes Richard Insogna, Jr. to take the competitive exam for police officer and be placed on the eligible list for such position in the village of Fort Plain

S6332: AMEDORE — Authorizes Patrick Cechnicki to take the competitive exam for police officer and be placed on the eligible list for such position in the village of Fort Plain

S6333: AMEDORE — Authorizes Thomas Malley to take the competitive exam for police officer and be placed on the eligible list for such position in the village of Fort Plain

S7023: YOUNG — Authorizes participating employers in the New York state and local police and fire retirement system offering 20 year retirement plans to offer such plans on a non-contributory basis

S7324: SQUADRON — Relates to the powers and duties of the president of the state civil service commission

S7386: SAVINO — Eliminates restrictions upon transferring between public retirement systems; repealer

S7421: GOLDEN — Creates a minimum accidental disability benefit for all police officers

Standing Committee on Corporations, Authorities and Commissions: 1:30 p.m. Monday

S2544: LANZA — Authorizes certain organizations in N.Y. city to be known as “fire patrols” under the not-for-profit corporation law

S3391: LANZA — Requires port authority to acquire economic impact statement prior to increasing bridge and tunnel tolls

S3781: LANZA — Requires a public hearing prior to procurements valued over one hundred thousand dollars are made overseas by public authorities

S6471A: MARTINS — Relates to method of collection of charges by the Water Authority of Great Neck North and the Water Authority of Western Nassau County

S6906: RANZENHOFER — Relates to notice provisions in public works contracts; requires certain language in contracts; requires a showing of material prejudice

S6910: MARTINS — Relates to the collection of charges of certain authorities

S7171: GALLIVAN — Relates to the assignment of rights resulting from a land bank’s successful tender for property to the foreclosing governmental unit

Standing Committee on Education: 10 a.m. Tuesday

S1051: RANZENHOFER — Extends provisions for internal audits by school districts from annually to every five years

S1521A: KLEIN — Authorizes schools to screen for childhood obesity as part of their health services

S3408: ORTT — Relates to awarding high school diplomas to veterans; repealer

S4555: STAVISKY — Rescinds the anniversary day school holiday for the boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens

S5968: HANNON — Directs the commissioner of the education department to distribute certain federal funds for the purpose of educating either unaccompanied minors or english language learners

S6502: MARCELLINO — Provides that certain prospective employees of the department of education have a criminal background check conducted on them

S6504: MARCELLINO — Relates to referrals to state adult service agencies for certain students with disabilities who have reached the age of 18; repealer

S6505: MARCELLINO — Establishes that all school districts are approved evaluators of preschool students suspected of having a disability

S6507: MARCELLINO — Relates to fingerprinting of prospective employees of private special education schools; repealer

S6509: MARCELLINO — Relates to computer-based assessment technology apportionment

S7376: MARCELLINO — Relates to school district shared transportation services

Standing Committee on Elections: 1 p.m. Monday

S1384: MARCHIONE — Repeals section 3-408 of the election law relating to election inspectors and clerks

S2352: STEWART-COUSINS — Prohibits deceptive practices and the suppression of voters, and increases penalties for violations of the elective franchise

S338A: HOYLMAN — Relates to the use of campaign funds for attorney’s fees

S3813B: STEWART-COUSINS — Relates to early voting; repealer

S4420: MARCHIONE — Relates to requirements of a witness to a designating petition or independent nominating petition

S5085: GRIFFO — Provides that absentee ballots for all elections shall be made available in Braille, upon request of a blind or visually impaired voter

S561: DEFRANCISCO — Provides that party designation of a candidate for nomination for any office to be filled by the voters of the entire county shall be made by the county committee

S60B: SQUADRON — Relates to political contributions

S6581: AKSHAR — Authorizes computer generated registration lists; relates to the list of supplies to be delivered to poll sites

S6818: AVELLA — Relates to ensuring that certain notification requirements are cost-effective and efficient

S6833A: SAVINO — Provides for the issuance of special ballots to emergency responders who respond to emergencies declared by the governor or a court of competent jurisdiction

S6979: AKSHAR — Provides for the repeal of subdivision 8 of section 4-104 of the election law, relating to the amount paid to lease a polling station

S7009: RITCHIE — Relates to authorizing certain elected county legislators in the county of Oswego to continue service and take an oath

S7071: AKSHAR — Adds an optional section to voter registration forms to allow for email addresses

S7072A: AKSHAR — Increases the number of registrants an election district may contain with the approval of the county board of elections

S7090: VALESKY — Relates to electronic filing with the state board of elections of copies of political communications

S7381: MURPHY — Relates to penalties for unlawful campaign contributions to county or town committees

Standing Committee on Energy and Telecommunications: 11 a.m. Tuesday

S4349: LANZA — Directs the public service commission to implement rules requiring public utility companies to remove or relocate their utility poles when necessary for road improvements

S4414A: ORTT — Establishes the power authority of the state of New York shall make low cost hydropower available to certain hospitals

S5206C: GRIFFO — Relates to reporting requirements for various classifications of gas leaks by utility corporations

S5277A: FUNKE — Creates the New York Farm-to-Urban Consumer Solar Access Act of 2016

S5641B: GRIFFO — Relates to the approval process of cable franchises; repealer

S5764: ORTT — Relates to adding the Niagara Frontier transportation authority as an eligible applicant for the western New York economic development fund

Standing Committee on Finance: 12:30 p.m. Tuesday

S1971: CARLUCCI — Relates to the distribution of the state register; repealer

S2263: GRIFFO — Extends certain educational benefits to eligible veterans

S288A: MARTINS — Enacts the “American made flag act of 2016” to require that American flags purchased for use by the state government be made in the United States

S3014A: YOUNG — Relates to vacancies on boards of cooperative educational services

S3287: SEWARD — Establishes the interstate insurance product regulation compact to regulate certain insurance products among member states

S3471: LANZA — Establishes a $500 personal income tax credit for the purchase of a gun safe

S6033: LITTLE — Designates Little Wolf and Simon ponds as inland waterways

S6315: DEFRANCISCO — Relates to payment in construction contracts

S6328: MARCHIONE — Relates to adding Wyomanock Creek to the definition of inland waterways

S6329: MARCHIONE — Relates to adding the Roeliff Jansen Kill to the definition of inland waterways

S6480A: RITCHIE — Allows the granting of academic credit at state operated institutions to veterans, members of the military, and reservists

S6621: RITCHIE — Allows soil and water conservation districts, acting in cooperation with local governments, to be eligible applicants for the local waterfront revitalization grant program

S6648: RITCHIE — Enacts the “buy from the backyard act”

S691A: GOLDEN — Relates to exempting the metropolitan transportation authority from bond issuance charges

Standing Committee on Health: Noon, Tuesday

S1846: HANNON — Requires health insurers to offer coverage of health care provided by out of network providers

S1847: HANNON — Allows health insurers to offer out of network coverage outside of the health benefit exchange

S4185B: PARKER — Relates to establishing topical oxygen wound therapy as a Medicaid benefit

S5553A: LITTLE — Directs commissioner of health to study and report upon the impact of requiring that certain health insurance plans provide coverage for treatment of mitochondrial disease

S5810: HANNON — Authorizes accredited office-based surgery practices to seek payment from health care plans for the use of the surgery location or setting of such practice, in addition to payment for services performed

S5903: HANNON — Directs the department of health to establish an unused prescription drug donation and redispensing program

S6347A: HANNON — Requires each hospital patient bill of rights and responsibilities to include a statement of the availability of a list of standard charges, participating health plans, to identify a caregiver

S7067: SAVINO — Makes care and services provided by licensed mental health counselors eligible for coverage under the Medicaid program

S7335: HANNON — Requires general hospitals to provide patients with notice of care under an alternate payment system

S7432: HANNON — Directs the commissioner of health to develop a patient wellness bill of rights to inform patients of those services provided under wellness care and when such services become diagnostic and treatment services

Standing Committee on Higher Education: 12:30 p.m. Tuesday

S3807: FARLEY — Permits persons 65 years of age to enroll in a limited number of state university courses for credit without tuition

S4449: BOYLE — Authorizes the provision of free spaying and neutering services in lieu of self-instructional course work for continuing education requirements for veterinarians

S4672A: LAVALLE — Relates to certified public accountants

S5119: CARLUCCI — Allows disabled students to increase duration limits for student financial aid awards

S7342: LAVALLE — Relates to state support for operating expenses of the state university of New York and the city university of New York

Standing Committee on Housing, Construction and Community Development: 1:30 p.m. Monday

S1059: GOLDEN — Relates to application of the state uniform fire prevention and building code to certain premises owned or leased by the state or public authorities

S1073: GOLDEN — Grants the commissioner of buildings of New York City the power to waive provisions of the multiple dwelling law with regard to construction or alteration of multiple dwellings

S2542: HAMILTON — Directs New York city housing authority to first offer vacant apartments to mobility impaired tenants living on a higher floor

S3551A: ESPAILLAT — Allows persons 60 years or older in any housing project to keep common household pets

S6259: YOUNG — Directs the court to provide notice to the former owners of foreclosed property of the right to file a claim for the excess funds from the sale of the real property

Standing Committee on Investigations and Government Operations: 12:30 p.m. Tuesday

S1320A: MARCHIONE — Exempts certain senior citizen organizations from paying sales and compensating use taxes

S1487: MARCHIONE — Relates to pro rata license fees for seasonal bars

S3851: LANZA — Provides exemption for first time home buyer from a mortgage or recording tax imposed by a municipality

S4827: VALESKY — Relates to lump sum distributions used for the payment of post-secondary education loans

S4992: MARCHIONE — Prohibits the New York state department of taxation and finance from charging a fee for applications for a certificate of registration pursuant to a re-registration program

S5448A: HANNON — Includes writer salaries and fees within production costs eligible for the empire state film production credit

Standing Committee on Judiciary: 11:30 a.m. Tuesday

S1342: LITTLE — Provides for the removal of persons from campgrounds by the owner or operator thereof, or his or her agent

S5885A: SQUADRON — Authorizes the Empire State Development Corporation to acquire a parcel of real property in the borough of Brooklyn; authorizes the city of New York to develop parkland

S7132: ORTT — Relates to people with intellectual disabilities

S7248: BONACIC — Requires applicants for licenses as real estate brokers and real estate salesmen and for renewals thereof to complete instruction in the law of agency

S7256: BONACIC — Relates to the authenticating effect of a party’s production of material authored or otherwise created by the party

S7351: BONACIC — Extends expiration of provisions of judiciary law authorizing referees to determine applications for orders of protection while family court is in session

Standing Committee on Transportation: 10:30 a.m. Tuesday

S1463: KENNEDY — Includes part of Ridge Road in the city of Lackawanna as a state highway

S1507: KENNEDY — Designates South Park Avenue in or near Lackawanna a state highway

S2381: NOZZOLIO — Provides that motorcyclists over the age of twenty-one shall be exempt from the requirement to wear a helmet when operating or riding a motorcycle

S2757: PARKER — Requires five hour pre-licensing course to include a motorcycle safety and awareness component, and the driver’s license examination to include questions

S3458B: CARLUCCI — Directs the department of transportation to conduct a study of level grade rail crossings

S405: GALLIVAN — Relates to leaving the scene of an incident without reporting

S4101A: MARTINS — Designates a portion of state route 107 in the town of Oyster Bay, county of Nassau, as “Billy Joel Boulevard”

S4236: MARCHIONE — Requires an updated photo to be taken in order to renew a driver’s license

S437: GALLIVAN — Creates a state trooper highway memorial task force to provide for the recognition of members of the division of state police who have died in the line of duty

S4400: ROBACH — Defines autocycle and specifies provisions applicable to such motor vehicles

S4462: RANZENHOFER — Relates to intermediate side reflex reflectors or intermediate side marker lamps on motorcycles

S460: MARCELLINO — Prohibits the use of radar and laser blocking devices in all motor vehicles

S5992: GOLDEN — Relates to negligence in use or operation of vehicle attributable to owner

S6559: CROCI — Relates to allowing a vehicle owner to receive a pro-rated registration fee refund in certain circumstances

S6670: GALLIVAN — Relates to the furnishing of registration information by the commissioner of the department of motor vehicles

S7276: CARLUCCI — Designates a portion of the state highway system as “Thurgood Marshall Interchange”

S729: MARCELLINO — Relates to the number of prior suspensions needed to qualify for aggravated unlicensed operation in the first degree; repealer

S87: GALLIVAN — Relates to the registration of certain motor vehicles


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