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Nonetheless, Liz Cheney Persisted

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Troublemakers. We need them in our personal lives, as well as in our politics. Not during normal times, when nice, normal people employing nice, normal solutions are sufficient and usually preferred. But during tumultuous times, when it takes a stubborn pain in the ass to punch a bully in the nose. Liz Cheney is the exact kind of troublemaker that the Republican Party desperately needs, but is too decadent to support.

During times like these, we need someone who is so full of piss and vinegar that she, in this case, will relish the fight more than peaceful coexistence and comfort. We have finally found someone who is willing to be unreasonable and suffer the consequences. That someone is Liz Cheney. It is now assumed that Cheney will be replaced as No. 3 in House leadership by Rep. Elise Stefanik, who’s much less conservative but also much more of a MAGA loyalist. Not only that, but Cheney looks vulnerable to a primary challenge back home in Wyoming, according to a recent survey conducted by now-Trumpy The Club for Growth.

I hope I’m alive to see the GOP someday turn and support a strong leader who wasn’t tainted by the Trump years. Cheney would be in a class by herself. By doing good, she could do well (in the long run). But make no mistake, she is making a huge sacrifice. She has a lot to lose.

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