'No time for parlor games': Buttigieg denies rivalry with Harris

Pete Buttigieg insists things are good with Kamala Harris.

Asked Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press” about recent headlines speculating a rivalry with the vice president, the Transportation secretary emphasized the two make a strong team.

Buttigieg denied any strains on his dealings with the vice president and dismissed developing narratives on a rivalry between the two Cabinet members, who both unsuccessfully sought the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination that eventually went to Joe Biden.

“There’s no room to get caught up in the parlor games, and I’m proud to be part of the Biden-Harris team,” Buttigieg said Sunday.

There’s no room for a rivalry when the each member of the administration is taking on “projects and legislation of generational significance,” he said.

“She and I are part of a team that is disciplined and doesn’t focus on what’s obsessing the commentators,” Buttigieg said. “We’re too busy with a job to do.”


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