Neal pushes back at proposed changes to reconciliation plan

The House’s top tax writer is pushing back against changes to Democrats’ reconciliation package being floated by the White House.

Ways and Means Chair Richard Neal (D-Mass.) jabbed Wednesday at his colleagues’ scramble to develop a new plan, noting his panel approved a fully formed package — which Neal said he intends to defend in negotiations.

“We didn’t have a new tax plan every half hour,” he told reporters. His Child Tax Credit provisions as well as ones subsidizing child care expenses, clean energy and family leave “ought to remain in the final package, as issued” by his committee.

“We’re going to continue to fight for the House position,” said Neal, adding he would be talking to the White House Wednesday.

His comments come as the administration is hashing out a very different plan that, for example, would only extend Democrats’ signature Child Tax Credit program for one year — far shorter than what Neal has proposed.

Democrats are racing to hammer out a framework for a plan they can live with before having to turn to other issues such as funding federal agencies and raising the debt limit.

Neal added that changes to a cap on state and local tax deductions remains on the table and complained he still doesn’t know how much in total Democrats intend to spend on their package.

“We’re still waiting for a number,” he said.


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