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Murdochs’ Election Trump Call Was ‘Fuck Him’, Says New Michael Wolff Book

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There’s not much to Landslide, the desultory end of Michael Wolff’s Trump trilogy that began with Fire and Fury, a book that shocked and awed with gossipy revelations, largely provided by Steve Bannon, about the incompetence of his administration before that had been so widely recognized.

The new book, which The Daily Beast obtained a copy of ahead of its publication next week, is supposed to give an inside track of what happened as Trump’s presidency went off the rails in its final months, adding some insidery and usually vaguely sourced details to that well-documented disaster, as process was abandoned and a raving Trump and a handful of his remaining henchpeople and true believers just made things up as they went.

It’s written in an omniscient third person that finds space for multiple mentions of Rudy Giuliani’s farts, and windily proclaims that “in the event that factual matters have been disputed, they have been included only if confirmed by multiple sources.” Which doesn’t sound so different from saying that the gossip only made it into print if two people shared the same story. Some of that gossip:

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