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‘Murder Plot’ Claims, a Dog Bite, and Roger Stone: Inside Florida’s Craziest Race

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When a Belgian Malinois named Gunner bit into a 9-year-old boy at a Florida fishing tournament earlier this month, it didn’t seem like the kind of incident that could have national political importance.

But now the dog attack has become an unlikely flashpoint in an intra-Republican battle over a hotly contested House seat, pitting Trump adviser Roger Stone and his allies against Trump-backed congressional hopeful Anna Paulina Luna.

The dog bite is the latest twist in the race for Florida’s 13th Congressional District, a top Republican pickup opportunity that Rep. Charlie Crist (D) is giving up to run for governor. Crist’s exit has set off a primary scramble among Republican aspirants that has featured allegations of a murder plot, an expulsion from a conservative conference, and now an overly aggressive dog.

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