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More Black Men Went With Trump This Time. I Asked a Few of Them Why.


The number screamed at me and I actually wanted to yell back at The Washington Post exit poll, or, more specifically, those Minnesota Black male voters who comprised what, initially, looked like a glaring typo. In the state of George Floyd, which helped trigger yet another national awakening to the horror of police treatment of Blacks, 30 percent of Black male voters did the unthinkable. They voted for Donald Trump. It topped all the other states in the poll, with Nevada running second at 21 percent.

I looked again, shaking my head. Then I rushed to google “Black men in Minnesota.”

Chris Fields, an office manager of a law firm in Minneapolis, is part of that apparent 30 percent. He applauds the figures in the exit poll as a good piece of news for Republicans amidst the long-shot hopes that the president might rescue this election from fraud. Yes, Fields, like many Trump supporters, believes there may be some validity to the president’s claims of a stolen election, despite the mountain of credible sources and evidence that says otherwise.

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