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Mitch McConnell’s Last Trump-Era Act? One More Unqualified Hack Judge.

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The long line of Donald Trump-appointed judges is coming to an end, but not before Republicans waved through a last-minute appointment on Tuesday to the Court of Federal Claims, a court that gets little attention, and a nominee, Stephen Schwartz, who had been stalled for four years in part because he’s so unsuited at his young age for the lifetime position.

The Court of Federal Claims has been called the “keeper of the nation’s conscience” and “the People’s Court.” It’s where people go to sue the federal government about contract disputes, taxes, patent and copyright matters, civilian and military pay cases, and most tantalizing given the country’s health crisis, vaccine cases.

In his short career, Schwartz, 36 and a member of the Federalist Society, has gone out of his way in his legal practice to disparage federal institutions and regulations that represent immigrants, transgender youth, and people of color. In writings he initially concealed, published when he was a student at Yale, he said, “Government spending on Social Security, welfare, medical care, and the like is harmful not only to society as a whole but also to the beneficiaries of such programs… People who come to depend on an outside agent (be it a patron, government, or parent) for their livelihoods are inevitably somewhat less than fully mature adults.”

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