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Mitch McConnell, the Turtle, Is Losing the Race Now

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It’s been a bad, bad, bad summer for Mitch McConnell. From the shifting Senate map to the pandemic closing in on his state to the president who has no idea how to make America great again or even just keep Americans from dying, the majority leader who once held all the cards now looks like he’s just bluffing. 

A wise man told us that everything Trump touches dies, but until these last few months Cocaine Mitch has seemed like the undead exception that proved the rule. Now, the ETTD curse is finally having its inevitable effect on the Turtle, who’s been the architect of the structures that have enabled Donald J. Trump for the last three years and one-hundred-and-ninety-eight days but who’s counting

The cruel and bumbling moron in the White House couldn’t have inflicted so much damage on America without the steely support of the majority leader who kept him there and delivered a swift impeachment acquittal, despite his criming first with Russia (are you listening?), and then Ukraine.

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