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Mitch McConnell Proved He’s Even More Craven Than Ted Cruz


That impeachment vote in the Senate was tough to swallow, with 43 Republicans voting to acquit Trump for the insurrection done in his name, by people waving his flag. Even more gag-worthy was Sen. Mitch McConnell’s speech afterwards—blaming Trump for the wannabe coup minutes after voting to let him off.

“The most galling statements for me were the ones from the Mitch McConnells and the Rob Portmans and the Marco Rubios after they voted to acquit Donald Trump, basically saying, ‘Well, you know, the whole coup thing was kind of bad and I wish you wouldn’t have tried to do it. And I wish a cop wouldn’t have died. And you know, he made some bad choices. But you know, I had no choice,’” Tim Miller, writer-at-large for The Bulwark, tells Molly Jong-Fast on the latest edition of The New Abnormal.

But of course, McConnell and his crew did have a choice. The House impeached Trump on Jan. 13. The Senate decided to take a vacation, rather than take up the case right away. And once the vacations were over and Biden was sworn in, they decided against all reason and precedent that an ex-official like Trump somehow couldn’t be convicted.

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