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Meet the Falconer Trying to Convince Trump That Biden Killed Navy SEALs

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With less than three weeks before Election Day and the coronavirus pandemic still raging, Donald Trump wants voters to consider some very important things.

Like did Osama bin Laden survive the 2011 Navy SEAL raid on his compound by using a body double, and did former Vice President Joe Biden then order the murder of Navy SEALs to cover that fact up? Did Biden then order the murder of four Americans in Benghazi, Libya to cover that up?

Trump boosted that convoluted conspiracy theory twice on Twitter this week, in one case retweeting a QAnon believer and in another retweeting a fictitious persona run by a militant group opposed to the Iranian government. Trump’s posts infuriated Robert O’Neill, the pro-Trump former Navy SEAL who claims to have killed bin Laden, who accused conspiracy theorists of “trampling on the graves” of soldiers. Pressed on those retweets at an NBC town hall Thursday, Trump said that he didn’t know if the claim that Biden murdered SEALs was true, but that he wanted to “put it out there” for people to consider.

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