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Matt Gaetz: I’ve Talked With Newsmax, OAN, and Fox About Potential Post-Congress Gigs

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Rep. Matt Gaetz is facing one of the biggest public scandals of his career, amid a federal probe of his alleged sexual relationship with a 17-year-old girl, and his claims he’s actually the victim of an extortion plot. For weeks, before news of the investigation broke, the MAGA congressman explored the possibility of a soft landing in right-wing media, reportedly including a potential job at Newsmax and, as The Daily Beast has learned: One America News Network and Fox News.

Two sources familiar with the situation said that Gaetz also indicated to OAN that he was interested in exiting politics for a TV gig. When asked by The Daily Beast whether he inquired with the network about a possible post-congressional job, Gaetz confirmed on Wednesday afternoon: “Yes. I’ve had many conversations with many people about life after Congress. These conversations have been very general in nature and have never included me soliciting or receiving an offer of employment.”

He continued: “There is not a single conservative television station I haven’t had a passing conversation with about life after Congress. I have neither received nor solicited offers from any of them. But yes, I’ve talked to either executives, producers or hosts at Newsmax, OAN, Fox, Fox Business, Real America’s Voice and probably others I’m forgetting in this moment as I focus intently on refuting false accusations against me.”

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