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Matt Gaetz Is the Model GOP Representative: A Creep No One’s Surprised About

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Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz, a spoiled 38-year-old adult child of a wealthy Floridian who has never had to earn an honest dollar in his life, is allegedly a part-time predatory teen girl aficionado — something he emphatically denies — and is unquestionably a full-time creep. Quelle surprise: It seems there’s more slime on the representative from Florida’s first district than there is in all of the Everglades.

It’s hard to say what exactly made the exposure of Gaetz’s dirtiness so predictable to people outside the Beltway. It could have been the 16 speeding tickets and DUI, his aspirant daddy relationship with former President Donald Trump, that time he staged a photo of himself to mock COVID-19 by wearing a gas mask, his friendship with alt-right figures like Holocaust denier Charles Johnson, appearances in media where he appeared addled, or the fact that he was known to haunt a popular college bar in Tallahassee while he was serving as a state lawmaker.

Maybe it was the time he lamented not being able to “hunt down” antifa like the military hunts terrorists, or the time he publicly expressed creepiness at 22-year-old Tiffany Trump, or the time he threatened a Congressional witness the night before he was supposed to testify and then tried to storm the hearing of a committee he wasn’t on, or the time he tried to storm another impeachment-related hearing that took place in a SCIF. Or maybe it’s his entitled, pugnacious air that reminds everybody of the most annoying guy they went to college with, or the giant dark circles beneath his eyes that waxed and waned like a spring break hangover.

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