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Matt Gaetz Is Only the Latest in a Long Line of Unrepentant Creeps

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That Matt Gaetz was unthinking enough to be felled by his inability to set his Venmo to “private” is not surprising, or particularly damning. True, Columbia University college students, Twitter bots and cheating spouses have taught us this lesson repeatedly since 2015, but Gaetz obviously isn’t a lesson-learning kind of guy—that’s part of his Fox Newsian “charm.”

That his only strategy to deploy in response to mounting legal issues—the House Ethics Committee opened their own investigation into his conduct on Friday—is to do a pathetic little fanboy’s imitation of his hero, throwing out frantic mentions of a “deep state” to get him and the “millions” of Americans—up from thousands when he spoke at a Women For Fewer Rights, Please rally on Friday—who apparently only he can hear. They are, of course, “forgotten, canceled, ignored, marginalized and targeted,” and only understood and fairly represented by the Large Adult Son of Extreme Privilege that is sweaty Matt Gaetz.

It’s craven, cruel, and desperate.

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