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MAGA Weirdos Blame ‘Critical Race Theory and Woke Generals’ for Afghanistan

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As Fever Dreams listeners will know by now, the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan resulted in a disaster and the GOP is taking it seriously—or at least, they’re serious about fundraising off of it.

“It’s now a fundraising ploy to them. And it doesn’t matter that Trump was one of the loudest voices in the country—even though he was incompetent and lazy and mentally incongruous about it—for even speedier withdrawal than what Biden did,” notes Fever Dreams co-host Asawin Suebsaeng. “It doesn’t matter. This is a time for score settling and dunking for him and guys like him.”

As Trump tries to whitewash his own past involvement in playing nice with the Taliban—and as Tom Cotton clown-tweets that the Afghanistan debacle can somehow be blamed on critical race theory and “woke generals”—Trump acolyte Mike Lindell, of MyPillow fame, held a heated Stop-the-Steal symposium last week that disintegrated into chaos. Participants had to dance around their legally dubious claims, thanks to an ongoing lawsuit by Dominion. As The Daily Beast’s Kelly Weill reported, the symposium also revealed that RVCA founder and former pro surfer Conan Hayes has been at the heart of audit mania, trying desperately to recount votes even in counties that Trump indisputably won.

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