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MAGA Fans Rage at Trumpy Channel for Censoring Conspiracies

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As Trump supporters gathered Sunday outside the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando to greet the former president’s motorcade, a correspondent for a popular pro-Trump YouTube channel went into the crowd to interview them—risking the fate of his entire company in the process.

Interviewing random Trump supporters makes up much of the content on Right Side Broadcasting Network, a booming right-wing YouTube channel The Washington Post has called “the unofficial version of Trump TV.” But for a year, the Trump base has embraced conspiracy theories about election theft and COVID-19—exactly the kind of content, if livestreamed on RSBN, that could get the channel kicked off YouTube.

In Orlando, the MAGA welcome crew seemed as excited to see pseudonymous RSBN correspondent “Mike Nificent” as they did former President Donald Trump. A man with a speaker encouraged the crowd to watch RSBN, while a woman declared that RSBN was only the media outlet she trusts.

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