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MAGA Diehards Michael Flynn and Sidney Powell Have Fallen Out

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Over the past few weeks, a once tight-knit clique of 2020 election deniers and former Donald Trump confidants has devolved into a maelstrom of backstabbing, increasingly wild allegations, infighting, and high school-grade melodrama. The main driver of this civil conflict within this group, which aided then-President Trump’s efforts to nullify Joe Biden’s decisive 2020 victory, has been the pro-Trump attorney and conspiracy theorist Lin Wood. Recently, the lawyer has been publicly posting details of private conversations and—of course—slinging baseless accusations of Satanism and pedophilia.

But one breakup within this crew of prominent, conspiracy-theory-peddling Trumpists that hasn’t gotten much attention is the chilling of the friendship between Michael Flynn, Trump’s former national security adviser, and Sidney Powell, a lawyer who had repped Flynn and also tried to subvert the 2020 presidential results on Trump’s behalf.

Not long ago, Powell was a hero to Flynn and to his family, and the two friends worked very closely in their joint mission to keep Trump in power against the will of the American voters. Now, according to two people with knowledge of the matter, the former Trump national security official and Powell are barely even on speaking terms.

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