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Loser Trump Wants to Drag the Republican Party Down With Him


So Donald Trump signed the relief bill. I guess someone finally convinced him that whatever he was up to (thinking he had leverage to make Congress not approve Joe Biden’s electoral votes on Jan. 6?) was insane. So he’s been talked down from wrecking America.

But he still appears to be intent on wrecking his party, as it seems obvious now that Trump wants the Republicans to lose those two Senate elections in Georgia, which is kind of a remarkable thing, because it’s for the smallest and most pathetic reasons you could imagine.

Trump is a 5-year-old, and everything with him is 5-year-old simple. Caveman simple. And while he can probably think about something other than himself for up to four minutes and 52 seconds, in those next crucial eight seconds his brain will realize in horror that he’s gone badly off course and he will be seized by a panic that will abate only when his thoughts settle back on the only topic that really matters to him, himself.

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