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Local Dems Desperate for Biden to Visit Less Swingy States

Carlos Barria/Reuters

In between vice president and presidential nominee, Joe Biden held a different honorary title in the Democratic Party: chief surrogate.

In 2018, Biden was one of the most sought-after voices on the stump for down-ballot candidates, helping Democrats score Republican seats and win the House majority, while quieting cheers for his own eventual presidential run. Now, cautious not to replay the tactical and mathematical fiascos that made Hillary Clinton concede swaths of the country to Donald Trump, the former vice president has filled his closing itinerary with places like Southfield, Michigan and Bucks County, Pennsylvania. He’ll be in Florida on Thursday and Wisconsin on Friday.

But some local party officials and strategists are hoping for more. In the final week, they are urging Biden to reach beyond top-ticket battlegrounds and are making the explicit case that his star power should also be used to help sway the Senate races that could totally realign the power structure in Washington in January.

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