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Lie, Deny and Hope For a Miracle Isn't Just Trump's Virus Plan—It's Also His Jobs Plan

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More than 32 million Americans are currently receiving some form of unemployment benefits and Thursday it was reported that another 1.2 million filed first-time unemployment claims in the past week—marking the 20th straight week that such claims exceeded one million. So what’s Donald Trump’s jobs plan? 

The same as his “plan” to address the COVID-19 health crisis: Lie, deny and hope things “miraculously” get better.  That approach didn’t work with the virus and it’s not going to work with our economy. 

Yet on Wednesday there was Trump in his safe space of Fox & Friends showcasing his COVID and economic “plans.” First, Trump again spewed lies about the health risks posed by COVID-19 as he irresponsibly told parents that their children are “almost immune” to the virus—a lie so dangerous both Twitter and Facebook removed it. Then Trump shared his plan to help the millions of American out of work: Think about how good the economy used to be.  He offered zero proposals for how to create new jobs. Instead, he urged voters to remember  we “had” the “best employment numbers” and we “had” the “greatest economy.”  

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