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Liberals Pressure Dems to Skip SCOTUS Hearings Entirely

Al Drago/Reuters

As the U.S. Senate barrels toward confirming a new Supreme Court justice before Election Day, Senate Democrats face mounting pressure from their party’s activist base to take drastic measures to not only to fight the confirmation process but literally not partake in it.

A boycott of all hearings for President Trump’s nominee to the high court is currently a pipe dream among a cadre of prominent progressives. But as elected Democrats weigh all of the available options to resist Republicans’ Supreme Court pick, Hill aides say that there has been talk about the idea.

The notion hasn’t been discussed formally by the entire Democratic membership of the Senate Judiciary Committee—the venue that will consider Trump’s pick—according to one Senate Democratic aide. But, the aide said, lawmakers and staffers have raised it informally in one-off conversations in addition to engaging outside groups and individuals about it.

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