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Let’s Hope Trump Doesn’t Suffer the Same Fate as This Remarkable Teacher

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One result of President Trump and the first lady testing positive for COVID-19 is that he will be in quarantine when he otherwise planned to hold two rallies in Wisconsin, despite pleas from elected officials and against the advice of his own coronavirus task force that such gatherings might result in people getting infected.

Trump must now wait to see how he fares with the disease he more than once said is no worse than the flu and which would just disappear. He will get the best medical care, but even that is no guarantee of a happy outcome.

Not even his worst enemies should wish even him the fate suffered by the more than 200,000 Americans who have died. That number includes Heidi Hussli, who taught German in a Green Bay High School 9 miles from the airport where Trump was scheduled to fly in on Saturday.

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