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Let's Channel Supreme Court Rage into Crushing These Bastards

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A thrice married adulterer who lost the popular vote is now going to fill his third Supreme Court seat. Few presidents have embraced raw sexism and misogyny with the same zeal as one Donald J. Trump. You’ll remember Donald J. Trump as the guy with at least 22 sexual assault allegations; the one who was caught on tape saying that he was so famous he could grab women “by the pussy.” And in his 1997 “book” The Art of the Comeback, Trump “writes”: “If I told the real stories of my experiences with women, often seemingly very happily married and important women, this book would be a guaranteed best-seller.”

It unfolded like a horror movie. On Friday afternoon beloved Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg slipped this mortal coil. She was arguably the most famous Supreme Court justice of our time. Few women go from mortal to meme in their lifetimes, but RBG did exactly that. She was during her life the subject of numerous movies and books.

But RBG was more than that to many of us. RBG was born during a time when women were treated like oversized children. RBG was, according to The New York Times, “the Thurgood Marshall of the women’s rights movement.” My mother, feminist Erica Jong, thought of RBG as a GOD. She was a feminist before feminism was a thing. Her life’s work was to stop discrimination “on the basis of sex.”

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