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Lara Trump’s Fox Gig Will Be One Big Campaign Ad—for Herself

Andrew Harrer

After 106 Fox appearances, it was time to make it “official.” It was time for the simple son’s wife, Lara, to commit to Rupert Murdoch’s propaganda network. This was not Lara’s first foray into actually having a job! She was once a producer for Inside Edition. This makes her pretty much the most accomplished member of the Trump family, since she didn’t work for her parents.

This more professionalized Trump, who was a surrogate for her father-in-law during both presidential campaigns, also had a sort of sleazy fake news show called Real News Update, which I know you’ll be surprised to learn largely consisted of propaganda-like content. Lara’s co-anchor for this “show” was none other than fellow Fox News contributor and serial liar Kayleigh McEnany. But that was not all: Lara also led the highly ironic “Women for Trump.” For this work, Lara was paid $180,000. These payments were made through Brad Parscale’s companies as a way of avoiding FEC disclosure requirements. But since Daddy Trump is now just another Palm Beach retiree, it makes sense that Lara would need another entity to fund her lifestyle.

It was during her welcome announcement with the three dumbest morning anchors on TV that Lara said the quiet part loud. It was the kind of thing that might be frowned on by an actual news organization that purported to report the actual news, but Fox no longer even makes a show of being that. “I sort of feel like I’ve been an unofficial member of the team for so long,” she said. “You guys know, it was kind of a joke over the past five years, I would come there so often that the security guards were like maybe we should just give you a key. So to be a part of the team, I’m so so excited!” And that’s how Lara explained her shift from Republican propagandist paid by a Republican candidate to Republican propagandist paid by a Republican propaganda network

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