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Kyrsten Sinema’s Right That America Can’t Afford Dems’ ‘Free’ Trillions

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The left predictably erupted after Kyrsten Sinema joined her Senate colleague Joe Manchin and declared her opposition to their party’s reconciliation bill that would cost $3.5 trillion over the decade. With the votes of all 50 Senate Democrats needed to enact such legislation, either of them or any other Democrat has veto power over the whole package.

A progressive organization has announced a series of Arizona television ads telling Sinema, “You’ve become the problem.” These two senators are subjected to a daily dose of progressive vitriol that often exceeds even that directed at Mitch McConnell. They are seen as traitors, working with Republicans to sabotage the full Democratic control of Congress and the White House that took a decade to build and requires a blitzkrieg of legislative activity before the next election in 15 months.

Except that Sinema and Manchin are absolutely correct. We cannot afford a massive $3.5 trillion expansion of government.

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