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Kyrsten Sinema Whacked by Democratic Congressman, Compared to Trump

Fox News

California Democratic Congressman Ro Khanna ripped into Senator Kyrsten Sinema on Sunday morning, asking why his fellow Democrat in Congress keeps blocking the party’s major infrastructure bill—and slithering away from answering questions.

“Why doesn’t she explain herself? I’ve never seen a politician—other than frankly [former President] Trump—who just totally ducks answering the questions from the media and constituents. She’s not clear about what she believes,” Khanna told Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace.

The senator from Arizona has been largely criticized for being one of only two Democrats in the United States Senate—the other being Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia—holding back President Joe Biden’s sweeping, multi-trillion dollar “Build Back Better” infrastructure bill. But Sinema is also taking blows for dodging reporters and constituents who ask her about her resistance.

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