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Kristen Welker Is Just the Latest Strong Black Woman Donald Trump Can’t Handle

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While it has been good to see journalists from different backgrounds defend the journalistic integrity and competence of NBC News’ Kristen Welker against attacks from Donald Trump, it is also important to again call out Trump’s pattern of disgustingly sexist, personal attacks on the intellect, integrity and credibility of Black women journalists, and prominent Black women in public life. It is also no surprise that a man with a long history of racism and sexism continues these childish, offensive outbursts at the very idea that Black women are stepping into our power in this historic moment.

Given that she is the moderator of Thursday night’s final presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, part of Trump’s strategy in attacking Welker personally is aimed at de-legitimizing the debate (and what will likely be another horrendous debate performance from Trump himself) by attempting to undermine her legitimacy ahead of time. At a recent rally in Arizona, Trump falsely accused Welker of being “a radical Democrat,” which she isn’t—she is registered to vote with no party affiliation and hasn’t donated money to Democrats.

Trump has also tweeted about Welker that “she’s no good,” “she’s always been terrible & unfair, just like most of the Fake News,” and “but I’ll still play the game.” Ironically, it’s likely the fact that she’s so good at her job that has also compelled Trump to try and smear her. Back in March, it was Welker who asked the question that got Trump to utter the unforgettable (and not in a good way) sentence, “I don’t take responsibility at all.”

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