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Kim Jong Un Finally Offers His Response to U.S. Election: More Nukes

Jung Yeon-Je/AFP via Getty

North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un has just fired a volley of threats against the U.S., greeting incoming President Joe Biden with what is likely to be his biggest foreign policy dilemma beginning right after his inauguration on January 20.

It wasn’t simply that Kim engaged in familiar rhetorical flourishes, calling the U.S. the North’s “foremost principal enemy.” He also made clear that his three meetings with outgoing President Donald Trump had totally failed to end his nuclear program—the club that he holds over the U.S., South Korea and Japan.

Kim avoided any mention of Biden, who called him a “thug” and “dictator” in his 2020 campaign debate with Trump. Nor did he mention Trump, who said famously that he and Kim “fell in love” during their first summit in Singapore in June 2018 when they signed a brief statement proclaiming their desire for a “nuclear-free” Korean peninsula.

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