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Kevin McCarthy’s Spineless GOP Is a Step Back for Human Evolution


You’ve got to love Washington. Liz Cheney, No. 3 in the House leadership and Republican royalty by way of Wyoming, is about to be sent packing while gung ho Matt Gaetz out of Pensacola, amid credible charges he paid teenagers for sex, merrily rolls along with all his committee assignments intact.

This even though Cheney’s no RINO. She won her seat by cutting her gay sister loose and was a more loyal Trumper (voting with him 93 percent of the time) than the skeezy Gaetz (just 85 percent). When Gaetz went to Cheyenne to blast Cheney as a fake cow girl in cahoots with Joe Biden, she told him to take his beauty bag and go back home.

Still it’s Cheney, possessed of a more active conscience and stiffer spine than others in her party, who will lose her position in the House leadership for merely saying the obvious: that Trump lost the election and incited a mob to reverse it. She further angered her boss, Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, by supporting a 9/11 style bipartisan investigation into just what happened on Jan. 6—which, of course, would also be a probe of the actions of some of her Republican peers Until now, McCarty’s successfully stonewalled on what was said on his call with Trump while his followers were threatening to hang Mike Pence from a noose they’d brought with them. The commission will have subpoena power. The White House records all calls.

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