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Kevin McCarthy is the Pathetic ‘Leader’ Republicans Deserve

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Republicans, conventional wisdom suggests, are destined to take back the House of Representatives next year. This is partly because Democrats hold a very slim majority, partly because the president’s party historically loses about 30 seats during midterms, and partly because redistricting will handle what historical trends don’t. A recent headline in Roll Call said it best, “Republicans should disband if they don’t win back the House in 2022.” (We should be so lucky.)

Joe Biden’s big spending policies aren’t helping. They risk spurring inflation and depressing job growth numbers (not to mention the out-of-control growth of debt and deficits). Add in the border surge and internecine schisms over such things as the “woke” left’s anti-Israel stance, and Democrats don’t just appear destined to lose—they probably deserve to lose.

Luckily for Democrats, Republicans are the gang that couldn’t shoot straight. Why should we believe that a party “led” by the likes of Kevin McCarthy can capitalize on a seemingly golden opportunity served up just for them? I’m not sold.

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