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Kellyanne Conway Lashes Out: ‘If I Threaten Someone, You’ll Know It’


“If I threaten someone, you’ll know it,” White House counselor Kellyanne Conway told reporters Friday morning in a bizarre hours-long effort to discredit an audio recording that seemingly showed her threatening to use West Wing resources to investigate the personal life of a reporter a day earlier.

“I never threatened anyone,” Conway told a gaggle of journalists at the White House. “Don’t use those words. I didn’t threaten. It’s not a threat. I never threatened her.”

On Thursday, the Washington Examiner released audio footage of the White House counselor repeatedly asking a reporter why she felt it was appropriate to cover her husband, conservative lawyer George Conway, in a story about her possible promotion to White House chief of staff. Caitlin Yilek’s piece characterized Conway as being “in the middle” of the highly publicized back and forths between her husband and President Trump, who barb at one another on Twitter and on TV and in magazines.

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