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Kamala Harris’ Main Vice President Debate Task: Humiliate Mike Pence on COVID Claims

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Senator Kamala Harris has two big jobs on Wednesday night: to show the nation and the world that she is ready. That she has the temperament and steel to be America’s wingwoman to the commander in chief. Her second task and more important task is to prove that she can effectively hammer Mike Pence and Donald Trump on their epically failed coronavirus pandemic response.

There could not be a more stark contrast between the two candidates for the nation’s second highest office. The white haired, reserved evangelical, pro-life, married-to-one-woman over 30 years, father of three, arch conservative Mike Pence, who is Trump’s most loyal lietuenant. Versus the younger, more progressive, more newly married, stepmother of two, Black and South Asian daughter of immigrants.

They will present two very different visions of America. No doubt they’ll cover the usual range of topics: a struggling economy, racial unrest, the rise of white supremacy (according to both the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI Director), the fight for equal justice under law, the looming battle over the Supreme Court, and more.

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