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Just in Time, the Retribution Gods Are Catching Up With Trumpworld

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This foul year 2020 taketh a lot more than it giveth. But when it giveth, we have no choice but to savor it, because who knows when it’ll happen again?

One of the most psychologically difficult aspects of processing the Trump presidency—besides all the crime, hate, cruelty, and grift—is the fact that most of the legal and ethical transgressions on bold display never result in any real form of punishment for the perpetrator. “Ah, nevertheless,” as the old Twitter joke goes.

I’ve been practically crawling out my skin with desire to see the shameless kleptocratic looters and malignant misogynists of this four-year-long American crisis face some kind of retribution for what they’ve done. I am, as the kids might say, completely horny for justice.

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