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Joe Biden’s Secret Superpower Is Just What America Needs

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Joe Biden is an unlikely superhero, but it is time to acknowledge that America’s 46th president has a superpower.

Almost unique among our nation’s leaders, Biden has demonstrated that he has the ability to resist the potent force field emanating from Donald Trump that has held Americans in its thrall these past four years. Unlike most of the rest of us, Biden seems to be able to tune his predecessor out, to give him precisely the amount of attention a washed-up game show host deserves. Biden is even able to turn his predecessor’s mutant ego-driven tractor-beam against him. You can almost hear the howls of pain from Mar-a-Lago as Biden simply goes about his daily business, doing his work and ignoring Trump altogether.

What better way to troll the Trollmaster of the Twitterverse than by simply doing the work of the president without committing crimes, inciting insurrections, or selling America out to overseas enemies? By simply showing up each morning, Biden deftly, quietly, without breaking a sweat diminishes his oversized tangerine-colored adversary from the Planet Excess. By not surrounding himself with a motley mob of slavering toadies, conspiracy-theory spewing former military officers, pillow salesmen, bad lawyers, corrupt cronies and family members and in laws with top-secret security clearances, Biden effectively banishes Trump and his henchpeople to the Phantom Zone by revealing how two-dimensional they were all along.

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