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Joe Biden’s Grief Is the DNA of His Humanity

Olivier Douliery/AFP via Getty

Time is a relentless opponent offering no mercy. It steals the years, quickly, silently. It takes a step from your gait, adds a few seconds between retrieval of names, faces and often momentarily puts the mental box score of the life you’ve lived in the rear view mirror.

Joe Biden is 77 years old. Nearly everyone is familiar with the life he’s led, the life that has offered position, prestige, power and unfathomable loss. Through it all, with it all, he endures and does not forget.

In 1972 he ran for the United States Senate and won. He was 29 on election day. He had a crew of young people working for him. One of them was a young guy from Boston, Charlie Kenney, who came from a family of firefighters.

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