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Joe Biden’s Closing Plea in Georgia: Help Me ‘Unite and Heal’ the Country


Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden expressed reverence for former President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in his last formal pitch to Georgia voters before next Tuesday’s election, using restorative and religious notes to amplify his commitment to “heal” the frayed American morale under President Donald Trump.

“The divisions in our nation are getting wider. Anger and suspicion are growing. Our wounds are getting deeper,” Biden said on Tuesday afternoon in Warm Springs. “And many wonder: has it gone too far? Have we passed the point of no return? Has the heart of this nation been turned to stone?” he asked rhetorically. “I don’t think so. I refuse to believe it. I know this country. I know our people. And I know we can unite and heal this nation.”

Biden spoke for 20 minutes in the same town as Roosevelt’s picturesque “Little White House,” which he constructed primarily to serve as a calming refuge for his debilitating polio, calling it a “magnificent setting.” During his address, Biden subtly drew parallels to those suffering from coronavirus today.

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