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Joe Biden Is a Kinder, Gentler Destroyer of American Norms


Joe Biden’s norm-busting presidency suggests the depressing conclusion that every future executive is destined to overreach.

Consider the trend over the last 12 years. Biden’s old boss, Barack Obama, told DREAMers he couldn’t just “waive away the law Congress put in place,” because he was, “not a king,” and then he proceeded to do just that. He said of Congress, “Where they won’t act, I will,” and warned that he had a pen and a phone. This led to Donald Trump, who (among other things) persuaded “constitutional conservatives” and Freedom Caucus members to support his bogus “emergency” order on the border wall, which amounted to an end-run around Congress.

And now, Biden (you know, the guy elected to restore norms post-Trump) is following suit with his own overreach: a unilateral evictions moratorium (which the Supreme Court promptly rejected) and a sweeping new vaccination mandate.

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