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Joe Biden Bet It All on Nostalgia and Sanity….It Just Might Work

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When Democrats woke up with sharp pangs of despair following the election of Donald Trump four years ago, a type of conventional wisdom took hold: The party had failed to inspire voters by becoming stale on policy and the tactical elements of politics.

Four years later, Democrats have placed their hopes on the shoulders of Joe Biden, a 77-year-old nominee whose prior runs for the presidency barely inspired anyone and whose brand of politics was, by his own admission, a throwback. If the polls are to be believed, it will prove successful. Biden may have once appeared to be the wrong man for the moment. But his former Democratic opponents now believe that the moment—rife with social discord, economic despair, and a deadly and raging pandemic—became right for him.

“It doesn’t matter who you are, the moment has to meet you,” Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ), who battled Biden in the presidential primary, told The Daily Beast in an interview. “Trump has been trying to assail him with outrageous accusations, but people viscerally they don’t buy it. Perhaps, with those of us that don’t have the same name ID, I don’t know what would happen with the Trump machine trying to define us. None of us have the same brand as deeply ingrained in the hearts of Americans as Biden—and it’s a good brand.”

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