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Jim Acosta to Andrew Yang: What the Hell Were You Doing on ‘Tucker Carlson’?


Andrew Yang might be pitching himself as the guy to head up a new, more “inclusive” third party, but Jim Acosta had some questions about the entrepreneur-turned-politician’s methods during a CNN interview on Saturday afternoon. Specifically, he asked Yang to answer for his decision to appear on Tucker Carlson Today.

“Tucker Carlson… I mean, let’s just say he’s a bad person,” Acosta told Yang. “And he represents so much of what is wrong in television news these days. You know this all too well; he spouts off white nationalist talking points. So why would you even go on his show?”

During his appearance on Carlson’s daytime show, Yang discussed leaving the Democratic party to chart a new path—and Carlson responded by praising the Unabomber (admittedly a “bad person”) for his “smart analysis, I think, of the way systems work.”

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