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Ivanka’s BFF: Trump Gave Kids’ Friends Supermodel Nicknames

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If you thought Ivanka Trump’s childhood best friend, Lysandra Ohrstrom, had enough to say about the first daughter in her scathing Vanity Fair article, you’d be mistaken. Oh no, Lysandra isn’t finished yet.

Ohrstrom came on the latest episode of The New Abnormal to talk about the president’s favorite kid and the offensive, crude things Ivanka and her dad would say or do when the two were growing up—and what finally made Lysandra become the “class traitor” many have been quick to call her on Twitter.

“I have really been grappling with whether to do this for so long since Trump announced that he was running,” she told Molly Jong-Fast. In fact, “Ly” (as Ivanka called her) had been loyal to Ivanka over the last four years to the point of forwarding press requests as a heads-up. But standing in line to vote early this fall, enough was enough.

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