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It’s Time to Take Away Rudy’s Law License

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When Rudy Giuliani launched into his usual bombastic conspiracy theories this week, it wasn’t in a tweet or at a press conference next door to a porn shop or on Fox News but in a federal courtroom, where he was appearing as Donald Trump’s attorney and where he lied to a judge. There need to be consequences.

All lawyer jokes aside, legal ethics are a big deal, not least because they are indispensable to a functioning court system. If lawyers can lie without consequence, making up facts whenever they want, then our trials and hearings will become farces.

And that’s exactly what happened in Pennsylvania on Monday, as Rudy talked about everything from Rahm Emanuel’s theory of crisis management to President Carter’s “prophetic” warnings about mail-in voter fraud and a tirade against supposed “mafia-like” behavior by Philadelphia election officials—none of it related to the legal case he was supposed to be making.

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