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It’s Time to Stop Calling Susan Collins ‘Pro-Choice’

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I try to avoid news about Susan Collins and abortion in the same way I avoid using oven cleaner in an enclosed space; both are corrosive and leave me, at best, dizzy with an unpleasant itching sensation on my arms and neck.

But this week, the Susan Collins news was simply too gross to avoid. First, the self-proclaimed pro-choice Senator announced that she wouldn’t support a federal law upholding abortion rights, with the Republican from Maine saying the Democrats’ current proposal intrudes on state’s rights. (Collins did not offer a counter-proposal that did not, in her eyes, go too far. Instead, she did nothing.)

Then Collins announced she’d be endorsing certifiably insane “extreme conservative” anti-abortion zealot and all-around asshole Paul LePage in his bid to reclaim the Maine governorship after losing it in 2018. Outside of Maine, LePage is best known for a famously weird racist town hall speech where he claimed that drug dealers named “D-Money,” “Shifty” and “Smoothie” were driving up from big cities to “impregnate white girls.” (LePage later apologized, stating that he meant Maine women, and since Maine is 95 percent white, he should let his audience extrapolate that racism to the finish line.) Inside of Maine, he’s known for obscene rantings, for attempting to veto legislation that would expand women’s health care (he was overridden), and being a general embarrassment.

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