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It Took Biden 48 Years to Be President and 8 Months To Fuck It Up

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It’s starting to feel like the wheels are coming off for Joe Biden at the job he’s been dreaming of since he first arrived in the Senate in 1973.

Let’s start with his legislative agenda, where progressives’ most ambitious hopes rest on a $3.5 trillion social policy plan that Democrats intend to ram through via reconciliation, which means they can’t afford to lose a single vote in the Senate.

In a precarious ploy to appease the two wings of his party, Democrats pledged to pass this sweeping progressive wish list and a more modest bipartisan infrastructure bill currently scheduled for a September 27 vote in the House at the same time. But progressives say they won’t vote for the bipartisan bill unless the $3.5 trillion social spending package passes first, while West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin reportedly thinks the $3.5 trillion bill should wait until 2022 (and, according to Politico, Arizona Sen. Krysten Sinema says she will not back it if the bipartisan bill is delayed or fails.)

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