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In ‘Perfect’ Donald Trump’s World, Everyone Is Filthy—He’s Just Better at It

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So now we know: Donald Trump thought his July 25 phone with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was so “beautiful,” “perfect,” and “innocent” that he’s ready to release a similar readout of an earlier call the two had in April, as he casually promised to do—not once but twice—at his UN Summit press conference Wednesday afternoon.

In other words: He genuinely thinks nothing untoward happened on that July call. We’ve all read that summary by now. We all saw the part where Zelensky mentioned wanting more Javelin anti-tank missiles, and Trump responded by saying “I have a favor to ask of you, though”—the favor being to go find the Biden dirt. 

All morning, everyone was asking: Why would the White House release that? It shows clearly that he asked for dirt on Biden. There are a few reasons—this charge is more serious than the others, the Democrats announced the impeachment effort, and other factors that made the White House feel they had to look like they were doing something. 

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