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In Pennsylvania’s MAGA Bubble, Trump Is a Beacon of ‘Positivity’ Who Just Can’t Lose

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BUTLER, Pennsylvania— As soon as one crosses over into Pennsylvania’s Butler County, the scenery is draped in a vast phalanx of Trump 2020 paraphernalia. Accountants’ offices and landscaping businesses bear enormous Trump banners, the owners apparently unconcerned that they’ll lose any business in a county where Donald Trump bested Hilary Clinton 64,428 to 28,584 votes in 2016.

Some make weekend money setting up tents selling Trump flags and T-shirts in parking lots along Route 8. There’s a stall every few miles.

Trump chose the Pittsburgh-Butler Regional Airport as one of his last campaign stops on Saturday, just three days before Election Day. And after polls showing Trump down 10-plus points nationally and five in Pennsylvania, it may have given the president just the ego boost he needs: Most of those in attendance are convinced that the president will not just win, but win in a landslide against former Vice President Joe Biden. Any other outcome will be seen by these supporters as proof of some nefarious scheme at play.

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