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If We Keep Falling for Cuomos, We’ll End Up With Cawthorns

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo reappeared on television this week to apologize for being a creep.

Scratch that: Governor Andrew Cuomo reappeared on television to play a guy who was just sorry enough for being a creep for that to make the headlines and TV news clips about his performance. He choked up a little. There was an acknowledgement of pain, however unintentionally caused. He named one of the accusers. Maybe not a performance worthy of another Emmy, but I could see it nominated for a People’s Choice Award.

The governor’s special apology show on Wednesday, nominally a coronavirus briefing, came a week after his first accuser’s account had appeared and his briefings had abruptly stopped and just a day after a third young woman came forward to accuse the three-term governor of acting inappropriately with her. Anna Ruch says that Cuomo tried to kiss her at a wedding. Her accusation differs from the other two because she had just met the governor, at a wedding he was officiating, and because a photographer captured the moment of greatest discomfort—Ruch’s face frozen in an expression of Do Not Want as he holds her face in his hands. Cuomo’s expression can best be described as “horny Tex Avery cartoon.” The New York Post ran it on its cover with the headline “Handsy Andy.

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