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If Ted Cruz Had Any Shame He’d Resign and Stay in Cancun

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I remember a political cartoon early during the Reagan administration that poked fun at his fondness for quick vacations, which became a running meme in the media decades before that word was invented.

It went something like: Mr. President—inflation is high, unemployment is bad, your signature legislation hasn’t passed yet, and your Interior secretary is a walking disaster. What are you going to do? To which Reagan answers, go to Aruba and Barbados for five days.

That was a mostly harmless little jape, as Reagan’s taste for a little R & R did the republic no real harm. Plus, the Republican Party had not yet metastasized into the sinkhole of amorality and un-conscience that it is today. And given that tragic decline, it’s only natural that today’s version of the Reagan story involves Ted Cruz, probably (against stiff competition) the most unprincipled and oleaginous Republican holding high office today, whose now-confirmed excursion to Cancun while his constituents are suffering and dying is the most shocking thing I can ever—yes, ever—recall seeing a politician do.

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