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If Liz Cheney Really Believes in LGBTQ Equality, She Should Vote for It

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There are many painful and absurd things about the persistence of bigotry and prejudice—particularly for those who endure their effects under the law and on the streets. They wonder why people hate them so much that they will attack them. They wonder why their legislators do not do more to represent and protect them. They wonder why there are still laws, and well-funded campaigns to keep those laws, set against them.

They also wonder why the media generally ignores such stories, especially around anti-LGBTQ legislation—like the bout of anti-trans lawmaking by Republican legislators across the country, who are determined to stop trans kids from playing sports and being able to access adequate health care.

It is the invisibility of these stories, the lack of LGBTQ voices speaking about them in the mainstream, and the lack of awareness the general population has about them, that really irks when a story like Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY)’s sudden about-turn on LGBTQ rights flares into much-discussed life.

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