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If ‘Cancel Culture’ Is Real, Why Aren’t the Cuomos Canceled?

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The news that Chris Cuomo has been advising his brother, the governor of New York, on how to counter a barrage of sexual harassment allegations against him is the sort of brazenness that would get the CNN anchor fired if CNN was serious about being a news network and not just another entertainment channel.

While some members of the media are trying to explain away the outrage (“News media is a business. Cuomo just re-upped his contract for many millions per year. CNN ratings aren’t going down bc of this … So life goes on!”tweeted NBC’s Dylan Byers), ordinary New Yorkers deserve to be furious. Chris Cuomo has enabled Andrew Cuomo’s lies and catastrophic missteps for more than a year, helping to mythologize a governor who presided over more than 50,000 COVID-19 deaths. Those lives did not go on.

Thirteen years younger than Andrew, Chris has always been doggedly loyal to the alpha in the family, using his perch whenever he could to forward the governor’s interests.Chris opened his show Thursday night by saying “there are stories out there about me offering my brother advice. Of course I do. This is no revelation” adding that “I can be objective about nearly any topic, but not about my family.” He claimed, absurdly, that “I know where the line is.” But clearly, he did not know where the line is and, just as clearly, CNN doesn’t care.

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